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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sew Along with Wendy Sheppard and Aurifil

Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Spring has a fun Sew Along, hosted by Aurifil, that I definitely want to encourage you to check out and hopefully join.  Definitely going to be fun and you'll end up making a stunning quilt, as well as learn a variety of techniques.

Here is the schedule for this Sew Along:
Tentative Schedule:
June 2: Quilt Construction, Intro — Today
June 16: Quilt Construction, Part 1
June 30: Quilt Construction, Part 2
July 14: Quilt Construction, Part 3
July 28: Process of Quilting, Part 1
August 4: Process of Quilting, Part 2
August 11: Process of Quilting, Part 3

For more info click here.


  1. That is so pretty, I don't usually do sew alongs but I'll be watching this one.

  2. I found your June 2nd post but not sure where to find the rest. I really would love to see the progression of this quilt.

    1. Your settings are in default mode for Google, thus you are what is referred to as a "NO Reply Blogger" where I can not email you a reply. Not sure if you'll see this response, but I wanted to try.

      At the bottom of this post is a reference for where you can find more info, which has the embedded link to Wendy's site: